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This project was for me the most exciting project since it was the first time that managers, branders and designers were working together. In a group of 26 others, we had to create a complete new concept for the year 2028 within 2,5 weeks and present this during the fashion show of Triptych. 

We got an icon from the past: Frida Kahlo and a current icon: Miley Cyrus that we had to research and later on combine together to draw our inspiration from. While researching them we discovered that they both had things in common, such as the fact that they were both struggeling with their identity: this was our starting point.


After a week we created the brand "the T.V. is off" and we challenge you to be weird and embrace your oddities. Our fashion brand is completely circular and sustainable and values the world around us. 

The collection as can be seen below consists out of 3 outfits that each represent a stage of becoming your "true self" - this was in line with the art installation that was made and also consisted out of 3 experience boxes that represented this process.


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